NELFT publishes a number of newsletters and reports every year. You can find all our publications below:

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2011-12 [pdf] 1MB

Annual Report 2012-13 [pdf] 477KB

Annual Report 2013-14 [pdf] 940KB

Annual Report 14-15 [pdf] 402KB

Annual Report 2015-2016 [pdf] 700KB

Annual report 2016-2017 [pdf] 6MB ​​​​​

Annual report and accounts 2017-18 [pdf] 8MB

Annual report and accounts 2018-19 [pdf] 6MB

Annual Report and Accounts 2019-20.pdf[pdf] 5MB

Trust Constitution

Trust Constitution January 2019 [pdf] 2MB

Annual Reviews

Annual Review 2010-11 [pdf] 3MB

Annual Review 2011-12 [pdf] 6MB

Annual Review 2012-13 [pdf] 643KB

Complaints Annual Reports

Complaints Annual Report 2012-13 [pdf] 479KB

Complaints Annual Report 2013-14 [pdf] 593KB

Complaints Annual Report 2015-16 [pdf] 467KB

Complaints Annual Report 2016-17 [pdf] 421KB

2017-2018 Annual Complaints Report [pdf] 429KB ​​​​​​

2018-2019 Annual Complaints Report [pdf] 423KB

Trade Union Facility Time Reports

Trade Union Facility Time Report 2017-18 [pdf] 408KB

Trade Union Facility Time Report 2018-19 [pdf] 407KB

Quality Accounts

QA 2010-11 [pdf] 3MB

QA 2011-12 [pdf] 6MB

QA 2012-13 [pdf] 1MB

QA 2013-14 [pdf] 2MB

QA 2014-15 [pdf] 2MB

QA 2015-16 [pdf] 3MB

QA 2016-17 [pdf] 3MB

QA 2017-18 [pdf] 4MB

NELFT Quality Report 2018-19 Spread [pdf] 12MB

This PDF has been exported as a spread, and is best for viewing on mobile phone, tablet or computer screen.

NELFT Quality Report 2018-19 single page [pdf] 13MB

This PDF has been exported as single pages for ease of printing and better viewing on small screens.

Quality Account Summaries

QA Summary 2011-12 [pdf] 726KB

QA Summary 2012-13[pdf] 1MB

QA Summary 2013-14 [pdf] 258bytes

QA Summary 2014-15 [pdf] 416KB

QA Summary 2015-16 [pdf] 471KB


NELFT News Winter 2014 [pdf] 2MB

NELFT News Spring 2014 [pdf] 667KB

NELFT News Summer 2014 [pdf] 493KB

NELFT News Summer 2015.pdf [pdf] 655KB

NELFT News inter 2015  [pdf] 518KB