Access, Parking and Transport

The main access to the site, both vehicular and pedestrian, is from Suttons Lane. It is in relatively easy walking distance from Hornchurch station (550 metres) and north and southbound bus stops (within 200 metres).

As the site is within the Metropolitan Green Belt, maximising the amount of soft landscape has been an important design goal.  To achieve this, a separate dedicated service area with access from Suttons Lane is proposed.  This is a key part of the landscape-led masterplan, helping to reduce the area needed for vehicles to access and manoeuvre within the site. The new frontage landscape garden also separates vehicular traffic from staff and visitors arriving by foot or bicycle.

image 22
Plan shows the landscaped garden entrance and separate service and vehicular entrances

There are 110 car parking spaces for patients, staff and visitors, which includes 11 accessible parking bays close to the building entrances.  There are also three dedicated ambulance-only parking spaces, as can be seen on the plan above.  

To enable vehicles to easily drop-off and collect patients without needing to stay on-site, dedicated car and ambulance drop-off areas have been provided.  The screened service area to the north of the entrance will facilitate deliveries, refuse collection and space for the mobile diagnostics vehicles.

To the north of the pedestrian and cycle entrance path is a landscaped garden area providing the setting to the building to the building entrance and shapes the experience of approaching it as a pedestrian.

image 23
Image shows the landscaped garden entrance for those arriving on foot

The proposed site arrangement is designed to clearly separate the ‘front of house’ areas (patient and staff access and parking) from the ‘back of house’ areas (large vehicle access/egress, servicing, deliveries, refuse collection).  

image 26
Plan shows the Service area and northern boundary landscape proposals

Good quality foot and cycle paths and quiet roads around the site enable safe and easy access for pedestrians and cyclists.  There will be a good number of secure cycle parking spaces provided within the site, in line with the London Plan’s requirements.

The images below show the arrival experience for those arriving on foot, by bicycle and by car.

walking      walking 









Arriving at the site on foot


cycling cycling


Arriving at the site by bicycle

driving driving









Arriving at the site by car