BHR Integrated Discharge Hub

Service relaunch 

As of 11 July 2022, the NELFT Hospital Discharge Single Point of Access (SPA) service will be changing its name to the ‘Barking Havering & Redbridge (BHR) Integrated Discharge Hub’.

Originally, the service was set up in October 2021 based on the discharge-to-assess model to support hospital discharges. The BHR Integrated Discharge Hub sits within the intermediate care division of the Acute and Rehabilitation Directorate (ARD). The service aims to support the reduction in the length of stay for people in acute care, improve people’s outcomes following a period of rehabilitation and recovery and minimise the need for long-term care.

BHR Integrated Discharge Hub is a transfer of care hub delivered by enhanced Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy support, Discharge Coordination Officers, Rehabilitation Assistants and Admin Staff support.

The Key Service Objectives are:

  • To co-ordinate safe and timely discharges from hospitals
  • To provide a single, trusted, integrated system wide report on discharge
  • To enable optimised outcomes for people
  • To provide a personal and positive discharge experience for people
  • To provide the best opportunity for people to recover, reable and maximise their independence

BHR Integrated Discharge Hub accepts referrals from any acute hospitals for BHR residents and BHRUT hospitals for out of area discharges, who are 18 + and clinically safe to be discharged from hospital. Hospital Discharge SPA supports hospital discharges via the following pathways:

Pathway 1

People being discharged with home-based provision of health and/or social care support i.e. package of care support, re-ablement, follow-up therapy home visits.

Pathway 2

People supported in a short-term care 24-hour bedded facility for the purposes of rehabilitation, recovery, assessment and care planning before returning home i.e. NELFT In-Patient Rehab Beds, Step-down beds, Short Term Placement.

Pathway 3

People who need a care home for the first time or returning to existing care homes i.e. Residential Home, Nursing Home.

Out of Area Hospital Support

For patients in out of area hospital being discharged back into BHR boroughs the service also supports and facilitates the following:

  • Equipment provision
  • Therapy access visits
  • Welfare visits by Rehab Assistants
  • Onward referral to Community Rehabilitation
  • District Nursing
  • Falls Service Support
  • End-of-life fast track process
  • Hospice care
  • Homeless people pathway and non-weight bearing pathway

BHR Integrated Discharge Hub - Contact details

BHR Integrated Discharge Hub

Maggie Lilley Suite

Goodmayes Hospital

Barley lane




Referrals are received via team email inbox

Tel: 0300 300 1743

Operational Hours: Monday to Sunday 08:00 AM to 20:00 PM including bank holidays.

DCU operational hours: Monday to Saturday 09:00 to 17:00 PM including bank holidays)

ICD: Joseph Lindo

Assistant Director: Debbie Feetham  

Hospital Discharge SPA Transformation Project Lead: Beverley Hoyte

BHR IDH Service Manager: Anita Christopher

BHR IDH DCU Manager: Cynthia Odujinrin

FAQ Information

Please view our most recent FAQ session for the new BHR Integrated Discharge Service.