NELFT Corporate Strategy

Trust Corporate Strategy

Throughout 2020/ 2021, we have been working with colleagues, Governors and partners to refresh our organisational strategy to ensure it reflects the direction of travel for the NHS nationally, as well as our objectives as a Trust over the coming years.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this work. You can find more detail here and we have also created shorter versions that cover the key highlights, see right hand side box.

Where we want NELFT to be in the future

Our aim: to deliver the best care by the best people.

Our mission

What we will do to achieve our vision

NELFT will, in partnership, actively shape, develop and deliver integrated place based care for the populations we serve.

Our purpose

Why NELFT exists?

To improve the health and wellbeing of the populations we serve.

Our strategic objectives

Best Care

We will provide the best care for our patients, families and communities who use our services.

Our best care means improving the health of our population by providing high quality, effective, patient led and safe care.

We will develop quality management systems to identify clinical variation and areas for improvement.

We will use our Quality Improvement approach to improve health of the population whilst improving patient’s experience of care (Triple Aim).

You can view a summary of our Best Care strategy here.

Best People

We will retain, develop, empower and engage with our people, so they effectively deliver Best Care through existing and new care models, making NELFT the NHS employer of choice.

We will ensure our people have the best quality experience of working with NELFT so they can deliver the Best Care to our communities.

We will continuously improve the experience of our staff  through the appointment, retention and development of best people.

You can view our Best People strategy here.

Best Partner

We will effectively engage in our local health and care systems to develop collaborative partnership models which improve patient care.

We will ensure we listen and hear from our patients, carers and communities to shape the services we provide.

We will strengthen our community engagement to support and address equality of access and responding to our patients and communities feedback.

Best Value

We will ensure services are delivered at the best value and highest quality by reducing variation whilst maintaining financial stability.

We will make use of Digital and technology to improve our services and offers to our patients and our people.

We will use our Quality Improvement approach to improve service productivity and efficiency (Triple Aim).

Strategy FAQs

Got questions? Find out more about our strategy by reading our strategy FAQs.