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Havering: Age 0-5

The Havering CAMHS service is co-located with integrated childrens' service in Havering.

The integrated service offers support to children and young people from birth up to the age of 18 who are experiencing emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties. We work alongside our colleagues to offer support and interventions when needed.

Problems with eating and talking

We provide a service in the London Borough of Havering to children and young adults (0-19 years) with disorders or delays of speech, language, communication and/or feeding or swallowing.
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Community paediatricians work in the community and see children with neurodevelopmental conditions.

The doctors provide: 

  • neuro disability clinics
  • social and communication assessment clinics
  • assessment and management of complex needs including visual, hearing and movement disorders such as cerebral palsy and other neurodisabilities
  • neurodevelopmental assessment of preterm babies
  • visual and hearing impairment multi disciplinary service
  • multidisciplinary assessment of motor and movement disorders
  • urgent medical assessments for children who may have been abused and initial health assessments of children taken into the care of the local authority
  • advice on health concerns relating to safeguarding, adoption and fostering

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Problems with walking and moving around

Havering's Children's Occupational Therapy team supports children and young people who have a specific functional concern which significantly impacts on their daily living skills, and are out of keeping with their general developmental profile.
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Sex, Relationships, drugs, alcohol, eating healthy and much more

NHS Go is a confidential health advice and information service for young people. Available for free on iOS and Android, NHS Go provides you with:

  • Free, confidential advice.
  • Instant access to find local services.
  • Quizzes and guides around key health issues.
  • Notification on topics and events relevant to you.
  • Information about your rights under the NHS.

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