What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy (OT) is the process of observing and identifying barriers that may prevent your child from participating in important daily activities (‘occupations’) such as getting dressed, brushing their teeth or using a writing tool in school.  After the initial assessment, we work with the child and parent/carer to set realistic goals (short and long term) and further develop strategies and tools to help your child overcome barriers to allow them to be as independent as possible and achieve their occupational goals. 

For example:  Billy finds it difficult to get dressed independently.
  • Short Term goal: For Billy to put on his lower body garments independently.
  • Long term goal: For Billy to dress his upper and lower body garments independently.
  • Strategies: Verbal prompts, physical assistance, ‘Backwards Chaining’ and parental teaching.

Some children have physical or learning disabilities which also impact on occupational participation. We would work with the child to find alternative ways of completing the task and, if required, recommend relevant equipment to assist with this. For example - if a child has limited use of their right upper limb, we would recommend adapted cutlery for their left hand to increase independence when eating at mealtimes.

Our Service

Our Occupational Therapy Team work with children ages 0-19.

We provide clinical observations / assessments / equipment provisions at The Acorn Centre, Harold Hill Health Centre and also within schools / nurseries

Havering Childrens OT

It is important to note that Havering Children’s services are not commissioned to provide sensory intervention and therefore we are unable to accept Sensory Integration referrals.