Landscape and Open Space

The landscape proposals have been developed to create an inviting and accessible external environment for the staff and visitors of the new Health and Well-being Hub.

image 28

Plan shows the landscape proposals for the site development

In addition to retaining and enhancing the existing vegetation and connecting to the wider context, the landscape design will:

  • Provide a harmonised presentation to the streetscape along Suttons Lane, in keeping with the adjacent development to the south, while clearly defining private/public space, and identify key access points and create a considered, welcoming arrival experience.
  • Retain and enhance the existing vegetation and green setting in the context of the Green Belt and the adjacent residential properties to the north and west.
  • Create a sensory experience to the community garden of the health care unit through considered reflective, interactive and accessible external spaces which are publicly accessible.
  • Integrate sustainable drainage solutions within the landscape proposals
  • Provide for biodiversity and longevity for the successful establishment of the landscape proposals.

The primary open space for the site is the Community Garden which will include a range of features for quite contemplation, relaxation, growing garden, woodland walk and items of sensory interest, as well as colourful floral planting, as can be seen below:

image 31
Image shows the proposed community garden and elements of interest

The landscape also includes planted terraces which will be accessible to all, for rest and relaxation. The larger terrace on the first floor of the northern block looks out over the community garden space, while the smaller terrace on the second floor of the southern wing overlooks the wider St George development.

image 33

Plan shows the locations of proposed roof terraces

image 34 image 35 image 36
Images show the form of roof terraces proposed