Antibiotic Formulary Flow Chart

The Antibiotic table below has been created to direct NELFT health professionals to the correct antibiotic formulary depending on where staff are located. The column lists each of NELFT’s boroughs. The first row details staff location within the borough, the second row details which formularies to use and the third row shows the web-links which when clicked on will open the corresponding formulary.

To view the table, please navigate from left-to-right. For sexual health services please refer to the information underneath the table

Antibiotic formularies table


Waltham Forest      B&D, Havering, Redbridge Basildon & Brentwood Thurrock
 Staff location  Inpatient units: Ainslie,  Woodbury  Community  Services

 Inpatient  units- Foxglove,
 Grays Court, 

MHS units (except Woodbury)

Community services

 Inpatient units: Thorndon Ward  BCH, Mayflower community  hospital

 Community  services  Inpatient  unit: Alistair  Farquharson  Centre  Community  service
Formulary to use  Use Barts Health
 antimicrobial guide
Use Public Health England guidance


Use BHR CCG Antimicrobial prescribing guidance

Use BTUH or BHRUT formulary as appropriate  Use Thurrock  CCG/
 Basildon &  Brentwood  CCG Antibiotic  Formulary  Guidance  PDF
 Use BTUH  antibiotic  formulary  Use Thurrock  CCG/
 Basildon &  Brentwood  CCG Antibiotic  Formulary  Guidance  PDF
Web link to formulary


North East London management of Infection guide [pdf] 2MB


North East London mangement of Infection guide [pdf] 2MB

BTUH Antimicrobial Guidelines via RX Guidelines

Or via RX Guidelines mobile app

BTUH Antimicrobial Guidelines via RX Guidelines

BTUH Antibiotics Pocket Guidelines for Prescribing In Adults 2017/2018 [ppt] 368KB

Or via RX Guidelines mobile app

For sexual health services refer to:

British HIV Association (BHIVA)

British Association for Sexual Health & HIV (BASHH)