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Bespoke Foundation Day for the Waltham Forest Podiatry Team

In June, we supported the Waltham Forest Podiatry Team at Hainault Health Centre with Bespoke Foundation Training. This session was framed around their team issue of looking at “waste as a result of stock management”. The team were very appreciative of having the time and space to focus on their improvement needs, were really engaged throughout the day as the training focused directly on their specific project. The bespoke session, meaning only their team members attended, was highly favoured as it was a small group, allowing for team discussions to reach a common goal, hence the feedback was really positive.

Trish Reynolds, Advanced Quality Improvement Practitioner and facilitator for the training, said: “This was the first time we have framed a training session in such a way and our aim was to ensure the team left the session with a QI project that identified many of the first steps of a project i.e. stakeholder identification; understanding and identifying the problem; process mapping in-action; identifying what they wanted to achieve (a working aim); started their driver diagram. They also have a change idea which they are planning to commence. They are now armed with an approach to making process change and more importantly able to predict what those changes may be through measuring and using data to see if those predictions occurred hence helping them achieve their improvement goals. We are here to support and advise/coach as the team see fit and look forward to hearing about progress.”

This day was a huge success, and we are looking forward to using this format to help others. Watch Martine Riviere explain more about the session: 

Have you or your team got a service issue you need assistance with? Contact us at QI@nelft.nhs.uk and we can deliver a bespoke event at your location.

Read more about Bespoke Foundation Training here: Quality Improvement Bespoke Foundation Day | NELFT Quality Improvement News | NELFT NHS Foundation Trust

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