Quality Improvement Services at NELFT

Welcome to the NELFT QIS website — Quality Improvement Services at NELFT includes the Quality Improvement and Clinical Audit & NICE teams. Information here is for our colleagues, our partner organisations, service users and patients who are interested in learning more, want to know how they can get involved, or need support on their QIS journey.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help staff in improving outcomes and experience through embedding a culture of continuous improvement that prioritises quality across all NELFT teams by 2026. We aim to achieve this through enabling the NELFT workforce to learn from yesterday, to improve today, for better outcomes tomorrow.

Clinical Audit and NICE Support

If you would like to enquire about Clinical Audit and NICE within NELFT,  please contact the Clinical Audit and NICE team at: caudit@nelft.nhs.uk.

For enquiries about NICE please email the team at nice@nelft.nhs.uk 

Quality Improvement Support

If you have a general enquiry about Quality Improvement within NELFT, please contact the teams at: qi@nelft.nhs.uk.