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NELFT Quality Improvement Services News

Collaborative working with EPUT

Collaborative working with Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT)  

Clinical Audit & NICE team is helping in facilitating two exciting projects in Essex, in collaboration with EPUT. 

  1. Service Evaluation of CAMHS staff views on participation projects (EPUT) – The project aims to evaluate current service user participation projects from the experience of health care staff working in CAMHS in Essex. Qualitative methods will be used to capture the experiences through interviews and quantitative methods will be used to measure perception of utility and effectiveness from surveys. Data will be analysed using systematic methods and descriptive statistical methods respectively. 

  2. Intermediate Care (IMC) Model Prioritisation and Pathway Audit 2022 – Across the MSE IMC Bed Bases, the project aims to be able to identify the current pathway on admission that patients are on and determine most appropriate pathway to achieve best patient outcomes and inform future model of care.  The project is designed to mobilise the use of the geriatric frailty score and identify the blocks and challenges to inform and optimise the future model 

Clinical Audit & NICE Team have created audit tools and the projects are in data collection stage. 
Working collaboratively helps improve productivity and gives staff a sense of purpose in the organization. Benefits are immense: 

  • It encourages problem-solving 

  • It allows staff to learn from each other 

  • Employee productivity rates go up  

  • Overall problem-solving becomes easier 

  • Team collaboration increases the organization's potential for change 

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