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Foundation Day Training - This is INSANE!

This is insane!

According to Albert Einstein, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. There must definitely be a better way. How do we avoid repeating the same mistake and reduce waste? How do we change culture through Quality Improvement?

On our NELFT Quality Improvement Foundation Day training, you can find out how we use quality improvement methodologies and tools to make a positive difference in healthcare by addressing complex problems through co-production. Our systematic approach can make care safe, effective, person-centred, timely, efficient and equitable. 


What’s in the day:

You will learn about the theory, history and background of quality improvement and what it means to you and to us in NELFT, how we use the IHI Model for Improvement to carry out our improvement work, PDSA cycles and other common QI tools like process mapping, driver diagrams and stakeholder engagement.

So far, the NELFT Quality Improvement Services have trained at Foundation level, almost 1,000 individuals. As part of our commitment to co-production, since starting in January we have trained 10 patient/carer representatives and 4 students. Some of whom have gone on to become QI facilitators, mentors or leading change and improvement in other areas.


But that’s not all,

You said in a poll that we carried out over 4 months where we asked, “how would like your foundation day training to be delivered going forward?” and the majority would prefer a choice of either a Virtual Foundation Day or a Face to Face. What we did following this is, we now have our Foundation Day training on alternate Months as virtual or face to face.


Please don’t take my word for it:

When we asked those who have attended our training “one learning point they will take from the day”, here’s what they said

  • “ideas of process mapping and driver diagrams can be really useful when proposing how and where to make a change”.
  • “Everyone has a vital contribution to make in leading improvement” 
  • “QI is not exclusive to senior leadership. In fact, improvement works best when it involves stakeholders at all levels”
  • “plan, plan, plan don’t jump ahead”
  • “be weary of solutions coming first, take a step back and identify problems first”


Here are a few comments from the question “what worked well” during the session

  • “It was really engaging and facilitators were great”
  • “the workbook was really helpful and gave good information that related to what we were seeing on screen”
  • “group activities was great, very interactive, excellent training techniques, room and place for training was excellent”


So what are you waiting for?

Anyone who is passionate about making a change whether NHS staff or our very own experts by experience can join our training. NELFT colleagues can book via STEPS and anyone else can send us an email for more information.


Know someone who works outside of NELFT?

The next feedback we will be sharing could come from someone you know who is passionate about quality improvement but does not work in NELFT. Why not give them the opportunity by sharing this link with them where they can book and join any of our monthly sessions NELFT Quality Improvement Foundation Day training Tickets, Mon 17 Oct 2022 at 09:00 | Eventbrite