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Learning & Sharing Event - Waltham Forest

We are pleased to share the success of the recent Quality Improvement (QI) Learning & Sharing event, which took place at the Jane Atkinson Health and Wellbeing Centre last week. The hybrid event was well-attended, and we extend our sincere appreciation to all who attended. Your presence and support for those who presented their QI and Clinical Audit projects truly made the day a success.


Events like these are an invaluable opportunity for colleagues to foster an environment of collaborative learning but also celebrate the efforts of individuals committed to enhancing patient care and driving positive changes in our services.

Roisin McGuill, Advanced QI Practitioner, conveyed her gratitude, stating:

" We were so grateful to all presenters who gave up their time to share the impact of their Quality Improvement and Clinical Audit work with the wider Directorate team. Several positive connections were made and will generate further discussions about how we can share the learning that has come about from these projects and audits."

Looking ahead, we are excited to continue  learning and discussion at the monthly Waltham Forest QI Forum. Mark your calendars for the second Tuesday of each month (from 1pm - 2 pm) for engaging conversations, opportunities and guidance to further our efforts in improvement.  

In closing, Francis Fernando, Associate Director of Nursing and Quality, emphasised:

A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and help those who are doing well to do even better by continuous, pertinent, sustainable and adaptable Quality Improvement projects. We are very proud in Waltham Forest that we have just established our QI Forum this month and had a great QIS Learning and Sharing Event. Thank you, Roisin, for organising and contributing to our QI culture.”  

Following the great outcome from this event, the QI team are delighted to share that there are similar events like this happening across NELFT in the upcoming months . For more information, please see Connect: Quality Improvement Services | Staff Intranet (NELFT)  

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