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NELFT Quality Improvement Services News

September Service Feedback

New Ways of Working All-Staff Webinar Feedback:

  • “New ways of working allow people like me to still work and full time through covid I had cancer and have spinal trauma and neurological problems. I want to continue working and make a difference. Thanks”
  • "NWW / remote / agile / flexible working is great for work life balance in general but also it has made a whole world of difference for colleagues who have family abroad."

Clinical Audit Training:

The Clinical Audit and NICE Team were approached by Consultant Psychiatrist and Associate MD for Havering Locality to provide bespoke training sessions to his group of doctors, who have continually championed audit and stipulated that “Clinical Audit has an integral role to play in Quality Improvement”.  Sushmita Sinha, Clinical Audit Facilitator, presented Clinical Audit training to the group of 18 enthusiastic Doctors from the Trust on the of 8th September 2022, and received amazing testimonials as follows: 

  • “Thank you for a concise, clear, and very informative presentation, it was well received by the attendees, and I for one learnt a lot” – Dr Olumide Adeotoye 
  • “Thanks for the excellent presentation and PP slides” – Dr Puran Madan 
  • “Thank you Sushmita.  That was very detailed and comprehensive” – Dr Ken Anakwue 
  • “Thanks a lot, very informative” – Dr Firoza Bhuiyan 


Quality Improvement Learning and Support Development Programme: Facilitator Training Day 3

General Feedback:

  • "Sub-group work discussions about QI project and comments from Course Facilitators and group were really helpful." 
  • "Break out rooms were useful to discuss with others – very interactive and longer & good use of our time"
  • "Felt more talkative and dynamic"
  • "Great teaching as always so thank you!"
  • "Expert QI knowledge of the Facilitators is just breath taking and inspirational"

Learning points from participants:

  • "Feel more confident with my ideas for QI and how to go forward" 
  • "Change ideas are not part of aims" 
  • "Looking at my data in another way" 
  • "Choosing the right type of charts for your data" 
  • "Your aim/driver diagrams/change ideas etc could change as you progress with the project and shouldn't be perceived as a setback."
  • "Great to be reminded of the 'So what?' question around the aim."