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NELFT Quality Improvement Services News

Starter’s guide to Quality Improvement

Sometimes when first hearing about quality improvement and its associated terminology, it can often feel quite overwhelming, however quality improvement is simply about identifying an issue or, recognising an improvement opportunity, and collecting and using data to support the theory.  Perhaps, you are not reaching a specific standard of care or service delivery, or it may be that you have received several negative feedbacks regarding a service? By applying a specific methodology (recognised Framework) this allows you to gain a greater understanding of the issue/improvement required and therefore make the necessary and appropriate changes.

Quality improvement is not something to be undertaken in silo, however, is an activity that should be discussed and planned within a wider team including all stakeholders that may be impacted or involved in the issue/ process that you want to improve (this includes Patients, Service Users and Carers). This way, everyone has an opportunity to bring their ideas and experience to the forefront in order to make required changes. Quality improvement is also not a quick fix but instead is intended to make meaningful and sustained change.


Some of the benefits of undertaking quality improvement

  • By arming staff with the knowledge to support them with quality improvement, will result in them developing the skills and capabilities to continue future improvement
  • Continuous improvement should result in less errors of productivity and in turn lead to less complaints and patient harm and the promotion of Organisational reputation
  • Fantastic opportunity for individuals, including Patients, Service Users and Carers to lead and play a key role to deliver change in improving services and care delivery that they access
  • Sharing the responsibility for quality improvement at all levels.

QI benefits

The Quality Improvement Services are available to support you with your project in many ways, which include, but are not exhaustive of training programmes/ sessions, e learning modules and project advice appointments at our designated improvement clinics. Contact us at if you require further information about quality improvement or if you would like to start your improvement journey with us.

There has never been a better time to get involved!