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NHS75 celebrations - NELFT Community Cookbook

The NHS will be 75 years old this coming Wednesday 5 July, so we'll be celebrating in all kinds of ways across NELFT.

One of our projects was to create a Community Cookbook. We want to bring together cherished recipes and the memories, traditions, and family legacies we carry with us, as a way of celebrating 75 years of the NHS.

This project, which is lead by our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team here at NELFT, seeks to make us feel a little more connected to one another, by way of our kitchens. This is our way of learning and exploring food together and creating a resource that will hopefully inspire us to learn more from each other and try out new things.

The book contains a collection of favourite recipies from members of staff and the community, as well as some celebrity contributors. We have recipes from: 

Check them out on their channels for more great recipies. 

We launched the cookbook at our Food Festival event on 5 July, and we are offering a FREE digital download of the book on this page! Click the button below to download!