Our Proposals

The architecture and landscape design of the new proposal has a distinctive character whilst complementing the local residential setting. The form of the building reflects the needs of the services to be provided, in its the internal planning and functionality, providing flexible space for the delivery of healthcare.

The Green Belt and suburban residential setting of the site has also strongly influenced the external design and appearance of the building, especially the landscape proposals.  There is a generous provision of soft landscape – gardens, lawns and trees – and there is a community garden, which can be enjoyed by neighbours, staff, patients and visitors. 

image 12
The proposed layout of the site

image 13
White model Aerial view showing proposed development from south-west

image 12
White model Aerial view showing proposed development from south-west

Alongside clinical safety, the ‘patient experience’ is a top priority, and this starts with the entrance and runs throughout the building and the site.  On approaching the building from Suttons Lane, the community garden can be seen through a glazed façade and a covered double height entrance space. The main entrance is a focal point when accessing the site, creating a strong sense of arrival at a special place. It has an informal character, designed to reassure and make people feel at ease. 

image 14
White model view showing entrance of proposed development and view through to Community Garden

image 15
White model view showing pedestrian entrance of proposed development

In line with this approach, a residential palette of materials is being considered for the facades of the building. This includes: a mix of red bricks, which relates well to the adjacent residential properties and diamond shaped terracotta wall tiles to give a more decorative finish to the upper floor and bring a sense of visual interest and texture to the building.

image 16
View showing the proposed development

The key points of the proposed Health & Wellbeing Hub proposal are as follows:

  • 5000m2 Building
  • Building part-2 part-3 Storeys
  • 110 Car Parking Spaces
  • 3 Ambulance bays, plus a separate drop off area
  • 70 Cycle Spaces
  • New Access Points from Suttons Lane
  • Café and Community Garden located within and to the rear of the building

The images below show the scheme proposals

image 15 image 16
White model - Service area

image 17
White model from the Community Garden 

image 18 image 18
White model - Main Entrance Waiting Area                                              White model - First Floor Waiting Area

image 19
White Model - Main Building Entrance 

image 20
White Model - Corridor leading to the Cafe