At NELFT Research and Development, we provide a great training opportunity for NELFT staff, service users, patients and researchers within and outside the Trust to enhance skills to plan, carry out and present research, while building their professional network. The Training calendar has something for everyone, whether you are involved in research now, or just curious about projects happening across the Trust. See below to view the R&D training calendar for 2024.

The Research and Development department run the following workshops: 

Research and development training calendar


Research Journal Club 

NELFT Journal club meets every three months to discuss and critically evaluate articles on a variety of different topics. It aims to encourage wider reading and stimulate debate and discussion across a broad range of fields. Journal club provides the opportunity for individuals to develop their critical appraisal skills in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Journal club is open to anyone who is interested in developing their critical appraisal skills. Please contact R&D via email: r& for further details.


PhD club would like to invite anyone who is undertaking a PhD in NELFT to get involved.

The NELFT PhD club follows straight after journal club to provide support where required, for individuals undertaking a PhD in NELFT. In particular, it provides an opportunity for peer support, in which those completing a PhD can meet in a supportive environment to discuss their research, including any issues or challenges, and offer each other feedback and advice. It also provides an opportunity for shared learning, as well as a chance to pass on relevant skills and knowledge to each other.If you would like further details about the workshops, or have any queries, please contact R&D via email: r& for further details.