Paediatric physiotherapy and occupational therapy service for children and young people

The paediatric physiotherapy and occupational therapy team provide a child centred service for any conditions which affect your child’s ability to participate in everyday life. We assess the child, set goals with the child and family and/or school to determine a plan of action to help them achieve their physical potential.

Physiotherapists assess children’s movement, mobility, posture, muscle strength and flexibility. They treat children mainly through exercise, movement and positioning through play. Occupational therapists assess children‘s function in the areas of self care, such as dressing and brushing teeth, school skills, such as pencil skills, using scissors and rulers and participation in play.

Patient information

Contact our service in Barking and Dagenham

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy department
Child and Family Centre
79 Axe Street
IG11 7LZ

Tel: 0300 300 1751
Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm


Referrals will be accepted from professionals in health care, education and social services, the police and the voluntary sector. Please refer to the 'For clinicians' page for more information.