For clinicians

Service Lead: Nashreen Seebundhun - modern matron, stroke unit
Tel: 0203 644 2743
(Please do not email patient identifiable information to this address.)


Referrals will be accepted via community care pathway facilitation team ( or via telephone on 0203 644 2712 or 2722

Criteria: Registered with a GP from Barking and Dagenham or Havering, aged 18 years or over. Primary diagnosis for admission is stroke or patient has had a recent stroke event while in hospital. As soon as medically stable after the stroke event and no longer requires acute hospital treatment. Has the potential to benefit from inpatient rehabilitation. Able to consent and comply with interventions **

** Some patients may have cognitive impairment either in addition to, or as a result of, their primary condition. This will not necessarily preclude their admission to Grays Court, but will be taken into account when they are assessed.


  • Those needing placement in a care home, where this destination is not in doubt and unlikely to benefit from further rehabilitation.
  • Those likely to need immediate/urgent site-specific investigations (e.g. surgical intervention, angiography, CT or MR imaging) for diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
  • Those needing continuous 24 hour high dependency medical supervision and or critical care.
  • Those with confirmed active Clostridium difficile, norovirus, MRSA or other communicable infections.
  • Those with aggressive behaviour who will not engage in rehabilitation activities.