For clinicians

Service lead: Phathi Nyathi  - modern matron for inpatient care and stroke
Tel: 01277 695172
(Please do not email patient identifiable information to this address) 


Referrals will be accepted by faxing the referral form to 01277 695 177 or to the single point of access (SPA) on 01268 242 148/9. Referral forms can also be e-mailed to

Criteria: Must be registered with a GP in south west Essex. Patients who:

  • need multidisciplinary team rehab.
  • have acute illness not requiring admission to acute hospital
  • are dementia patients (MMSE 15 and above)
  • have diabetes (not requiring sliding scale insulin intervention)
  • have mild dehydration
  • have had falls not requiring diagnostics, x-ray, etc
  • have had mild COPD - unable to cope at home, mild to moderate breathlessness
  • require palliative/end of life care (patients expected to die within two weeks) and symptom control and management
  • are step down rehab for patients from acute hospitals
  • are step up rehab from community (not acutely unwell or requiring rapid diagnosis or intensive hospital type support)
  • have had admission avoidance referrals – A&E/MAU


We are unable to accept referrals for:

  • suspected cardiac event
  • sepsis
  • severe pneumonia
  • gastroenteritis/acute abdominal conditions
  • decompensated heart failure
  • gi haemorrhage
  • suspected head injury with neurological signs
  • respite care
  • housing and social care issues
  • mental health issues
  • drug and alcohol addiction or withdrawal
  • acute medical/surgical/orthogeriatric emergencies
  • severe dementia (MMSE below 15)
  • unstable diabetes
  • acute renal failure