For clinicians

Consultant: Dr Elvan Akyuz
Lead person for queries: Rhian Farnham - service manager
Tel: 0300 555 1214
(Please ensure patient identifiable information is password protected)


Referrals will be accepted from GPs and primary care, from the child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS), liaison teams and IPAD. Self-referrals and referrals from carers will also be accepted through the access and assessment brief intervention team.

Criteria: Aged 14 to 35, resident in Redbridge, experiencing first episode of psychosis.

Exclusions: Treatment for psychosis or psychotic illness commenced more than 12 months ago. Primary diagnosis of moderate to severe learning disability, eating disorder or personality disorder. Primary diagnosis of organic cause of psychosis. The presentation is bipolar without psychotic symptoms.

Test results required at referral: None.