Early intervention in psychosis (EIP) service

The Redbridge early intervention in psychosis (EIP) service offers an integrated person centred service to people aged 14 to 65 who are resident in Redbridge and who are experiencing a first episode of psychosis, or are suspected of experiencing a first episode of psychosis. The teams are multi-disciplinary and are made up of nurses, doctors, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and support workers, peer support workers, support time recovery working, IPS workers and physical health assistants..

The service provides comprehensive assessment and advice and a range of culturally appropriate therapeutic interventions to service users. Interventions can be offered to service users individually and/or within groups.

Interventions offered include:

  • Psycho education and relapse prevention.
  • Medication management.
  • Psychological interventions such as: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Psychosis, Family intervention and Carer wellbeing intervention.
  • Physical health interventions such as: Physical health checks and interventions, including health promotion.
  • Support and advice to access or return to education, vocational interests and employment.
  • Support to access social activities and advice in accessing benefit and housing services.

Service users, family members and carers are placed at the centre of the care planning process. Service users are supported with their current issue with the aim of maintaining wellness, promoting recovery and a return to normal activities in their community life.  Services are provided within a variety of locations and venues, including within the service user’s home and wider community settings.

Early intervention in psychosis is based on research that suggests early detection even on suspicion of psychosis, intervention, prevention and limiting the duration of untreated psychosis (DUP) can reduce the degree of harm to a person’s mental health and optimise recovery. Symptoms of psychosis may include hallucinations, odd beliefs and ideas of reference, problems with thinking, suspiciousness and paranoia, as well as disturbances in sleep, appetite and mood.

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Tel: 0300 300 1706
Email:  RedbridgeEIP@nelft.nhs.uk