Woodbury unit

Woodbury unit is an older adult acute mental health service that cares for men and women who are deemed to be frail and usually aged 65 and over, although younger adults may be admitted when appropriate, typically with early onset dementia. The service works with people who have either organic or functional mental health problems, which are complex enough to require a period of inpatient treatment.

Functional mental illness describes conditions of acute psychiatric illness such as depression, anxiety or psychosis. Organic mental illness mostly describes dementia as well as other conditions which result from brain injury. Some patients may also be frail and have other medical conditions.

We also provide:

  • a package of care including daily living activities and an activity programme
  • active involvement of the patient, family and carers
  • assessment, intensive treatment, intervention and support in the early stages of a mental health crisis
  • choice and patient autonomy
  • practical support and assistance with problems of daily living
  • recovery planning with patient focused outcomes
  • time-limited care that is responsive to patient need

Each ward team consists of medical and nursing staff along with occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychologists.

Patient information

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Woodbury Unit
James Lane
E11 1NR

Tel: 0208 5561854
Fax: 0844 493 0268
Opening times: 24 hours


Please send referral form to - nem-tr.woodury@nhs.net.