Annual statement of accounts

You can view our annual statement of accounts and annual report online: Publications

Alternatively, you can request copies of our annual report and accounts by writing to:

Director of Corporate Affairs
North East London NHS Foundation Trust
Trust Head Office
CEME Centre - West Wing,
Marsh Way
RM13 8GQ


What we spend and how we spend it  - HM Treasury - Transparency - Publication of spend over £25,000

As part of the government’s commitment to greater transparency, all public sector bodies are required to publish monthly online details of expenditure over £25,000.

Details of all individual payments in excess of £25,000 made by NELFT from 2011 are provided here.

Further information is provided on the Government website:

Financial year 2022/23

Over 25K report for December.xlsx [xlsx] 14KB

Over 25K report for November.xlsx [xlsx] 14KB

Over 25K report for October.xlsx [xlsx] 17KB

Over 25K report for September.xlsx [xlsx] 18KB

Over 25k report for August.xlsx [xlsx] 11KB

Over 25K report for July.xlsx [xlsx] 18KB

Over 25K report for June.xlsx [xlsx] 19KB

Over 25K report for May.xlsx [xlsx] 20KB

Over 25K report for April.xlsx [xlsx] 24KB

Financial year 2021/22

Over 25K Transactions for March 22.xlsx [xlsx] 16KB

Over 25K Transactions for February.xlsx [xlsx] 20KB

Over 25K Transactions for January.xlsx [xlsx] 18KB

Over 25K Transactions for December.xlsx [xlsx] 14KB

Over 25K Transactions for November.xlsx [xlsx] 15KB

Over 25K Transactions for October.xlsx [xlsx] 14KB

Over 25K Transactions for September.xlsx [xlsx] 22KB

Over 25K Transactions for August.xlsx [xlsx] 23KB

Over 25K Transactions for July.xlsx [xlsx] 27KB

Over 25K Transactions for June.xlsx [xlsx] 20KB

Over 25K Transactions for May.xlsx [xlsx] 24KB

Over 25K Transactions for April.xlsx [xlsx] 23KB

Financial year 2020/21

Over 25K Transactions March 2021.xlsx [xlsx] 36KB

Over 25k Transaction February 2021.xlsx [xlsx] 29KB

Over 25k Transactions January 2021.xlsx [xlsx] 28KB

Over 25k Transactions December 2020.xlsx [xlsx] 27KB

Over 25k Transactions November 2020.xlsx [xlsx] 23KB

Over 25k Transactions October 2020.xlsx [xlsx] 30KB

Over 25k Transactions September 2020.xlsx [xlsx] 173KB

Over 25k Transactions August 2020.xlsx [xlsx] 149KB

Over 25k Transactions July 2020.xlsx [xlsx] 59KB

Over 25K Transactions for June 2020.xlsx[xlsx] 26KB

Over 25K Transactions for May 2020.xlsx[xlsx] 20KB

Over 25K Transactions for April 2020.xlsx[xlsx] 20KB

Financial year 2019/20

Over 25k Transactions March 2020.xlsx [xlsx] 23KB

Over 25k Transactions February 2020.xlsx [xlsx] 28KB

Over 25k Transactions January 2020.xlsx [xlsx] 24KB

Over 25k Transactions December 2019.xlsx [xlsx] 14KB

Over 25k Transactions November 2019.xlsx [xlsx] 12KB

Over 25k Transactions October 2019.xlsx [xlsx] 13KB

Over 25k Transactions September 2019.xlsx [xlsx] 36KB

Over 25k Transactions August 2019.xlsx [xlsx] 31KB

Over 25k Transactions July 2019.xlsx [xlsx] 54KB

Over 25k Transactions June 2019.xlsx [xlsx] 45KB

Over 25k Transactions May 2019.xlsx [xlsx] 31KB

Over 25k Transactions April 2019.xlsx [xlsx] 44KB