Council of Governors

The Council of Governors collectively ensures that NELFT hears the views of, and is accountable to, patients, carers, staff and communities. Governors provide a vital link between local populations and the Board of Directors by representing the members in their constituency, allowing them to influence service development to ensure that it meets their needs.

The composition of the Council of Governors is:

  • 25 elected governors (17 public governors, 8 staff governors)
  • 7 appointed governors

The role of the Council of Governors

  1. Statutory duties:
    1. Appoint and, if appropriate, remove the Chair;
    2. Appoint and, if appropriate, remove the other Non-Executive Directors;
    3. Decide the remuneration and allowances and other terms and conditions of office of the Chair and the other Non-Executive Directors;
    4. Approve (or not) any new appointment of a Chief Executive on recommendation from the Chair and Non-Executive Directors;
    5. Appoint and, if appropriate, remove the NHS Foundation Trust’s Auditor;
    6. Receive the NHS Foundation Trust’s Annual Accounts, any report of the auditor on them, and the Annual Report at a general meeting of the Council of Governors;
    7. Hold the Non-Executives Directors individually and collectively to account for the performance of the Board of Directors;
    8. Represent the interests of the members of the organisation as a whole and the interests of the public;
    9. Approve an application by the Trust to enter into a merger, acquisition, separation or dissolution;
    10. Decide whether the Trust’s non-NHS work would significantly interfere with its principal purpose, which is to provide goods and services for the health service in England, or performing its other functions;
    11. Approve amendments to the Trust’s Constitution, following consultation with the Board of Directors;
    12. Approve significant transactions in line with the Trust’s Constitution.

In order to fulfill these duties, the Council of Governors has four formal meetings a year. Governors are also invited to attend six Governor Development and Information Forums a year.