CDT Play Groups

The Child Development Nursing Team also includes a Nursery Nurse who provides various play opportunities for children aged 0-5 years as part of the assessment and on-going support.

The CDT Nursery Nurse provides CDT playgroups by invitation only based on the children referred in from the Multi Disciplinary Team panel and internal professionals.

CDT Groups criteria

The Child referred and accepted for Joint Assessment Clinic (JAC), Neuro Motor (NM), Visual and Developmental Assessment clinic (VADA) or Social and Communication Clinic (SACC), and either, must:

  • Not yet attend nursery or school
  • Attend nursery for less than 15 hours a week
  • Have a cognitive delay

Purpose of groups

  • Observe and assess child, share information with other clinicians
  • Update Paediatrician on child’s difficulties to assist in diagnosis.
  • Promote child’s development through activities and specialist support
  • Set targets for child to work towards to achieve
  • Inform and Support parents around child’s development and difficulties

Process for referral

Referrals are accepted from the MDT panel and internal professionals.