Havering Mental Health and Wellness Teams

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The Havering Mental Health and Wellness Teams provide mental health assessment, and short and longer term support for adults aged 18-65 who are experiencing significant mental health difficulties. This support includes adult social care assessments and interventions.


There are three Mental Health and Wellness Teams in Havering, and they cover the different geographical parts of the borough: North, Central and South.

What happens if a person is referred into our services?

When someone is referred into our service they are assigned to a Mental Health and Wellness Team based on the GP surgery that the person is registered with. The referral is then reviewed by the relevant team and if appropriate, the person will be offered a mental health assessment. Following the assessment, the person attending will be given advice and depending on their level of need, they may be offered follow up support from the team.

Who works in our Mental Health and Wellness Teams?

Our teams are multi-disciplinary and include psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, support workers, peer workers, and employment specialists.

How can someone be referred into our services?

We accept self-referrals, and also referrals from friends or family, GP’s, and other professionals. In order to make a referral, you can either send via e-mail to: nelft.haveringreferrals@nelft.nhs.uk or phone us on: 0300 555 1083.

Please see details below for each of the Mental Health and Wellness Teams

North Mental Health and Wellness Team

Address: The Petersfield Centre, Petersfield Avenue, RM3 9PB

E-mail address: HV-MHWTNorth@nelft.nhs.uk

Contact number: 0300 555 1083 (option 2)

Operational Lead: Taiwo Odukoya

Consultant Psychiatrists: Dr Sonali Gupta and Dr Sinmisola Akerele


Central Mental Health and Wellness Team

Address: 137-145 Church Road, RM3 0SH

E-mail address: HV-MHWTCentral@nelft.nhs.uk

Contact number: 0300 555 1083 (option 3)

Operational Lead: Lucie Hewitt

Consultant Psychiatrists: Dr Joanna Moncrieff and Dr Russell Razzaque


South Mental Health and Wellness Team

Address: OASIS House, 28-30 Gubbins Lane, RM3 0QA

E-mail address: HV-MHWTSouth@nelft.nhs.uk

Contact number: 0300 555 1083 (option 4)

Operational Lead: Bola Mafe

Consultant Psychiatrists: Dr Tunde Kassim and Dr Taiwo Oladele


Head of Service for Mental Health and Wellness Teams: Joe Jackson