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Welcome to the NELFT Speciality Psychiatry Training page

We are part of the North East London (Bart’s and the Royal London) Specialty Psychiatry Training Scheme. The two trusts in our scheme are North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT) and East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT).

There are 16 specialty training posts in NELFT. Nine posts are General Adult Psychiatry and are based in a range of settings including: inpatient (including intensive care), community mental health teams, home treatment teams and early intervention in psychosis. Seven posts are Old Age Psychiatry and are based in inpatient settings, community mental health teams, memory clinic and liaison.

The scheme covers a large diverse population and is geographically more compact than some other London training schemes. Specialty training posts in NELFT are based in one the four boroughs of: Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Barking & Dagenham and Havering. We are well served well by the Central and District Lines, TfL rail and Overground. The trust has a focus on agile working and all trainees are provided laptops with ability to work from home or other community sites.

NELFT have links with a number of academic institutions including University College London, Queen Mary University and Bart’s and The London School of Medicine. Trainees have close relationships with the medical education and management team and we have a well attended and active Junior Doctors Forum and Local Negotiating Committee.


Wednesday afternoons are reserved for local teaching which is held at sites in Waltham Forest and Redbridge. On the first Wednesday of the month NELFT and ELFT Specialty Trainees have a morning of SpR specific training at Bart’s followed by the Bart’s academic afternoon. The Bart’s academic afternoon is open to all mental health team members and covers a range of topics often with external speakers. A Specialty Trainee Balint group runs once per month.

Special Interest

A range of special interest sessions are available between NELFT and ELFT including: liaison, perinatal, forensic (medium and low secure units), court diversion, addiction, psychotherapy, personality disorder, eating disorder, rehabilitation, memory clinic, learning disability, adult ADHD, psychosexual, HTT, PICU, ECT, medical education, research, leadership and management.

NELFT has links with a number of academic institutions including University College London, Queen Mary University and Bart’s and The London School of Medicine. Trainees have undertaken research, post-graduate diplomas and degrees in a range of subjects at these institutions.

Simulation training

NELFT has a well established simulation training centre and runs regular courses including leadership and management, complex cases and consultant interview preparation.


There are a range of opportunities to become involved in teaching at an undergraduate and post-graduate level. NELFT provides clinical placements in Psychiatry to 2nd, 4th, and 5th year medical students, as well as Physician Associate students from Barts & The London School of Medicine. We run regular clinical skills labs and mock OSCEs for undergraduate learners. A separate teaching program is also run for our Foundation and GP Trainees which STs contribute to. Specialty trainees also are involved with Simulation sessions for new FY/GP/Core trainees and CASC preparation. NEFLT has two Fellow of Medical Education post for higher trainees.


We run a non-resident on-call rota with STs expected to attend for MHAs, S136 assessments and provide telephone advice. The day following an on-call is allocated as a rest day. Usual sites attended during on-calls are the A&Es covering our boroughs (Whipps Cross Hospital, King Georges Hospital and Queens Hospital) and Goodmayes Hospital (NELFT’s mental health inpatient unit and S136 suite). Three SHOs are also on-call covering these sites. STs on this rota provide input to patients aged 18 years and above only. For trainees who live far away we have a dedicated resident rest facility and taxis can be arranged or trainees are reimbursed for use of other providers e.g. Uber.

The Speciality Training team are:

Dr Peter Carter (Director of Medical Education)

Dr Luca Polledri (Training Program Director)

Dr Gemma Hopkins (College Tutor)

Dr Sonali Gupta (Guardian of Safe Working Hours)


Please feel free to contact us with any queries about specialty training at NELFT at MedicalEducation@nelft.nhs.uk

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