Higher trainee

There are a number of speciality trainee posts in NELFT, covering a wide range of Psychiatry, Community Paediatrics, Prosthetics, Frailty and Audiology and Fellow in medical education training opportunities.

Working together, leading together programme

This programme is aimed at all consultants and band 8 employees within NELFT
The programme allows all the candidates to gain knowledge and develop skills by exploring the attitudes, beliefs and values of successful health leaders and by developing participant’s ability to lead teams and develop people within a multi-disciplinary setting.

A key part of this programme will be the implementation of a quality improvement project mapped to quality, innovation, productivity and prevention (QIPP) which can be included as supporting information for consultant revalidation portfolios.

Special interest

Sessions, both locally and NELFT-wide: you can find a list of these in the handbook for speciality trainees.

Training courses

NELFT offers a postgraduate training programme that helps STs to have a wider perspective on the challenges and rewards of a consultant’s role. STs will also be encouraged to attend their monthly rotation-wide teaching. Teaching time is protected and all senior trainees are encouraged to take advantages of training opportunities, both external and internal.

Clinical supervision

This is provided on a weekly basis with your consultant to discuss any clinical issues or training needs you require. You will need to come prepared with areas you want to develop, cases which you want to understand more fully or even for work place based assessments (WPBA).

Simulation training

Simulation training will help prepare for consultant interviews, and will be focused on the ST level of training, including complex cases, multidisciplinary teams, management scenarios, conflict resolution scenarios, management and business cases scenarios.


There are numerous opportunities for both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Teaching can be at the bedside, in formal setting, participating to simulation training, CASC training for core trainees. STs will be expected to provide supervision and guidance to junior colleagues.