Core trainees


You have protected time every week for teaching at the Goodmayes hospital site or at the Thorpe Coombe hospital site, depending on where your clinical job is based.

The format is:
First hour: speaker
Second hour: case presentation and journal club
Third hour: Balint group

This is protected time and your attendance is mandatory. If there is no teaching, then you are available for clinical work.

Teaching also takes place at Barts Hospital on the 1st Wednesday of the month.


Induction is held over the first days of your placement. In addition there are sessions for breakaway training, immediate life support, RiO users and simulation training.

Clinical assessment of skills and competencies (CASC)

We run weekly CASC preparation workshops led by those who have recently passed the CASC and Royal College of Psychiatrists CASC examiners. There is also a mock CASC which covers link and individual stations with the emphasis on feedback on performance.

Member of Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych) examination preparation

The NELFT medical education department provide preparatory sessions in the lead up to the various MRCPsych exams. Weekly workshops for each exam - Papers A and B (formerly Papers 1-3) and the CASC - are run by consultants or higher trainees.  In addition, we run twice yearly mock CASC exams.

Clinical supervision

This is provided on a weekly basis with your consultant to discuss any clinical issues or training needs you require. You will need to come prepared with areas you want to develop, cases which you want to understand more fully or even for work place based assessments (WPBA).

Study leave

Study leave is mostly taken up by attendance at the Barts MRCPsych course. Trainees are also encouraged to use leave for the Annual London Postgraduate Trainees Conference. The study budget can be used for exam preparation courses and anything else of particular interest.


The NELFT DOCS app allows on-call doctors to  access important information quickly and easily from a smart phone or tablet.
The app contains various approved policies and guidance, covering on-call issues such as seclusion reviews, CAMHS care pathways, and rapid tranquillisation, as well as key contact numbers and other information. The information can be accessed whether or not the device is online.

The NELFT DOCS app was developed to aid junior doctors new to psychiatry, and new to the NELFT on-call system, which involves rotations around three main sites. It is also a helpful reference for more experienced junior trainees, as well on-call speciality trainee (ST) doctors and consultants.

Medical students teaching

NELFT provides regular clinical placements for undergraduate medical students in:

  • Psychiatry - 4th year students from QMUL Barts & The London SMD)
  • Medicine in Society - 2nd year students from QMUL Barts & The London SMD)
  • Community Paediatrics - 4th year students from UCL

Trainee doctors play an active role in teaching these students. For those working in teams that host students, there are multiple opportunities for teaching clinical skills and guiding students with their case presentations.

Students value having their clinical encounters observed and receiving critical feedback on their performance and trainees are often well placed to provide this supervision.

Trainees working in psychiatry also have the opportunity to lead sessions as part of NELFT's clinical skills labs programme for medical students, which includes clinical teaching, simulation training with actors and assessing the students at mock OSCE stations.
For more information on these opportunities, contact the NELFT medical education department via

Opportunities in medical education

There are a lot of opportunities to get involved with the medical education department (with one of the many projects running) or through analysing and writing up the evaluation data we have from these projects.
If you are interested, please contact our fellows in medical education via email