Keyworking Team

In our Keyworking team we have 2 senior practitioners with varied experience and training who have both worked across a variety of London boroughs. One is a registered nurse specialised in learning disabilities and the other a paediatric nurse.   

Between them they have had experience working in environments such as:  

  • Residential home for children and young people who have learning disabilities  
  • Children’s palliative care nursing  
  • Special needs school nursing  
  • Paediatric nursing on acute children’s wards  
  • Health visiting  
  • CAMHS – ASD  

When they are not at work they like watching TV dramas and hiking or spending time in nature!  

Both our senior practitioners bring a wealth of experience and leadership to our Keyworking team.  

The team also has seven case managers who have worked across North East London and have a wide range of experience and training including but not limited to:  

  • Psychology  
  • Therapeutic arts  
  • Education   
  • Social work —  looked after children, child protection and family support  
  • Health visiting  
  • Supporting communication for people with learning disabilities and additional needs  
  • Trauma-informed training   
  • Safeguarding
  • Oliver McGowan training  
  • Anna Freud Children and young people’s inpatient training  

We are a diverse group of people with interests and passions such as:  

  • Art  
  • Reading  
  • Playing instruments
  • Swimming, being active   
  • Trying new foods

We are committed to using all our varied training and experiences to help children and young people and their families.