Dynamic Support Register

To access NEL Keyworking support, children and young people must be on their local Dynamic Support Register.    

A professional working with them can refer them, or they can make a self-referral by contacting the Dynamic Support Register holders listed below.    

There are two registers per borough, one for children and one for adults.  

A Dynamic Support Register is a list of people with learning disabilities and or autism who are at risk of going into hospital, for example mental health wards. This maybe because they are not getting the right care and treatment outside of hospital.   

Reasons for being admitted into hospital could include:    

  • Breakdown of placement   

  • Self-harm   

  • Alcohol or substance misuse   

  • Significant life changes such as a move or bereavement    

  • Non-compliance with care and treatment plans   

The Dynamic Support Register brings together professionals to plan for the extra support that the child or young person needs to be able to stay at home and not go into hospital. This can include getting a keyworker.  

If the child or young person does not want to be on the Dynamic Support Register, they can say no. Saying no will not affect their day-to-day care, for example, daily visits from care workers or CAMHS treatment.   

For more information on your local Dynamic Support Register, contact the register holder, for your borough:  

Barking and Dagenham


Children's list

Andrea Drury - cadduty@havering.gov.uk

Young person/Adult's list

Bini Thomas - bini.thomas@havering.gov.uk


Children's list

Shahin Zahir - shahin.zahir@redbridge.gov.uk

Young Person/Adult's list

Rehana Akthar - rehana.akther@nelft.nhs.uk


Children's list

Matthew Richardson - matthew.richardson3@nhs.net 

Young Person/Adult's list

Gary Woolvett - gary.woolvett1@nhs.net

Newham Families Advice and Support | Autism

Tower Hamlets

Children's list

Jasmin Begum - jasmin.begum10@nhs.net

Contact number - 07949 385 396 

Young Person/Adult's list

Carol London-BaptiseCarol.London-Baptiste@towerhamlets.gov.uk

Tower Hamlets Local Offer :: Providers / Dynamic Support Register (localoffertowerhamlets.co.uk)