Chief Executive's weekly blog - 3 August 2022 | NELFT Talks

Chief Executive's weekly blog - 3 August 2022 | NELFT Talks

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Chief Executive's weekly blog - 3 August 2022

I was lucky enough to take a couple of days annual leave at the start of this week in order to look after my grandson and granddaughter. It was lovely to spend time with them and they are at an age where I really enjoy there company and we had loads of fun together.  I would like to thank Dr Caroline Allum, our Executive Medical Director for covering for me. I’d also like to remind colleagues across our health and care services of the importance of taking a break, recharging and spending time away from work.

As I was on annual leave, I didn’t get to attend our Executive Management Team meeting this week but I would like to extend my thanks to Philomena Arthur, Bill Travers and Francis Fernado who joined the meeting to share updates on the work happening across the Waltham Forest directorate in relation to partnership working, quality, safety and improvement. Executive colleagues have fedback how impressive the progress with place-based care has been in the borough and the commitment from the leadership team in Waltham Forest to ensure the best possible working lived for our staff was also commended.

Last week I attended our Charitable Funds Committee where we heard about progress with our NELFT Charity, The Health Way Foundation. It was touching to hear the story of the Friends of Goodmayes, who have been supporting patients at Goodmayes for over 100 years. They have unfortunately decided to stop operating but have very generously left an amazing £60,000 donation to The Health Way Foundation. You can read more about it here.

I know we have some brilliant colleagues and members of our communities who are looking to fundraise for our charity and we have also been supporting various different activities through the charity such as crafting and trips out for patients. If you would like to find out more about how to get involved with the charity please view here. Health Way Foundation.

As always we are focused across NELFT on ensuring that we develop a just and compassionate culture that celebrates diversity and supports inclusion. Our LGBT+ Staff Network have been busy promoting and sharing resources for colleagues and patients, including the celebration of Out and Proud Parents Day on 30 July. Our EMN Staff Network have also been busy celebrating South Asian Heritage Month and the latest NELFT Reads book club is focused on The Good Immigrant, edited by Nikesh Shukla. I’m also really pleased to the progress we have made working in partnership with AccessAble to create Access Guides to our facilities across NELFT that will help patients and visitors to better plan their visits. Read more about this here.

I will finish this week as I usually do, with a gentle reminder to look after yourselves and each other. The pressures on the NHS are not easing and I know colleagues are all working extremely hard to deliver the best care by the best people. Remember you can access a whole range of health and wellbeing support via KeepingWell NEL.

Take care and stay safe.  Jacqui Van Rossum head shot


Jacqui Van Rossum
Chief Executive (Acting)


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