NELFT and the Army by Breval Alexander | NELFT Talks

NELFT and the Army by Breval Alexander | NELFT Talks

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NELFT and the Army by Breval Alexander

This week is Armed Forces Week and to mark this we are sharing the stories of our Armed Forces colleagues. 

My name is Breval Alexander and I'm a Clinical Streamer at NELFT. Having completed school in 1988, I enlisted in the South African National Defence Force.

I went through my basic training and through my second phase, and during that time I was taught not only to shoot or to march but the most important aspect was learning discipline. I then became a medic in the army. I enjoy always improving and trying out new innovative ideas. 

Part of NELFT's 5 values are “Progressive, innovative and continually improving”. As I was going through my national service, I worked a lot on those values as we strive to be the best that we can and to improve constantly. Discipline is a big thing I've been able to take that away from the army and bring to NELFT. 

Having moved to the UK in 2001, I had started feeling that I wanted more than just my work at that time, so I decided in 2005 to Join the Territorial Army. Again discipline was instilled in us and the professionalism that we were taught was very much in line with NELFT's values. I know that NELFT proudly supports our armed forces.

I do believe I am a better person because of the training and values I was taught, and feel honoured to be part of #teamNELFT while also supporting our Armed Forces.


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