NELFT Talks - In conversation with Marie-Antoinette Ferreira-Pursley | NELFT Talks

NELFT Talks - In conversation with Marie-Antoinette Ferreira-Pursley | NELFT Talks

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NELFT Talks - In conversation with Marie-Antoinette Ferreira-Pursley

Oliver Shanley CEO, NELFT met with Jacqui Van Rossum, our Executive Director for Integrated Care in London, and Marie-Antoinette Ferreira-Pursley, Co-Chair of our Disability Staff Network (DSN) and co-chair for Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties Network, to talk through the disability support available for NELFT staff and our ambitions to make sure that NELFT is a fully disability inclusive employer.

Our DSN have published a strategy for 2020-2025 which has some key objectives that they will be taking forward. The DSN at NELFT wants to Engage, Enlighten, Empower, Enable and Encourage. 

Their main aims are to:

  • Promote a better understanding of our equality objectives and what NELFT is seeking to achieve, including becoming a Disability Confident Leader and improving the Trust’s Workforce Disability Equality Standard scores

  • We want to know what staff and other key stakeholders think about our quality objectives, and so we encourage feedback wherever possible to ensure we are always working in the best interests of the people we represent

  • We want to make sure that staff are kept informed of our progress, and that we provide them with updates on key developments and initiatives we are working on

  • We are working to promote greater transparency and greater accountability with regards to disability inclusion across NELFT

In conversation with Marie-Antoinette Ferreira-Pursley.



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