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Reflection – LEAP Course

Taking part in the LEAP Course (Leaders Empowered to Achieve their Potential) has been a challenging but enjoyable experience.

In the past six months I have learned a lot about myself and had the privilege to meet and attend sessions with my talented B3/4 BME Colleagues from across the Trust, who made up the first Cohort Class for 2021.

This course has provided me with essential tools to work with and upon, such as “Just Culture” which reminded us of our power to impact on and change the culture in NELFT. It also empowered me in Building Confidence, Leadership Styles, Change Management, and many more areas to help me “Unlock” my full potential within my workplace and outside in my personal life.  The variety of topics covered on this course has been very informative.

At the beginning of this course, I was not sure how it would benefit me and the impact it would have on my work life.  Although during and on completing this course it has been brilliant experience. I’ve undertaken a QI Project, which this time last year I would have only provided the data for rather than embarking on it myself. I have been able to make a change, however small to the way we work on a daily basis.

When the time comes, this course will be great “classroom” based.  Although running this throughout a Pandemic virtually has been a brilliant achievement with full attendance.

I would recommend this course to my B3/4 colleagues, regardless of where you want to go within the NHS or remain in post as it provides positive learning that can be utilised throughout our careers.

I’m gaining a growing self-confidence in my abilities which has made me think about my future within NELFT, start thinking about a plan, developing contacts. 


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