Clinical Audit training

We can provide bespoke training courses for both internal and external parties tailored to their requirements. Please contact if you require further information.

Introduction to Clinical Audit e-learning module

Who is this course for?

This e-learning module is suitable for all NELFT staff with clinical and non-clinical background, irrespective of job role or banding, with no previous experience of undertaking a clinical audit project or who wishes to develop their clinical audit skills.


This e-learning module is designed to provide you with more information regarding:

  • What does Clinical Audit involves; 

  • Working knowledge of evaluating existing practice against agreed national standards;

  • Working knowledge of using clinical audit to change and improve practice and patients care;

  • The Clinical Audit Cycle;

  • The Clinical Audit support available.


This e-learning module will equip you to gain confidence and all the necessary skills to be able to undertake clinical projects to improve quality of care.

How to register:

You can now access the e-learning module through STEPS.

Clinical Audit and Action Planning training

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for anyone who has had no previous experience of undertaking a clinical audit project or who wishes to develop their clinical audit skills.The interactive session allows staff to participate in online virtual training exercises as well as discussions around all things audit and NICE. We provide a range of resources and help with any audit related questions you may have.


This is a practical and enjoyable 3.5hr training designed to give you the confidence and skill to undertake a clinical audit project. You may have an existing clinical audit project or planning to undertake one, either way, the interactive session will give you an opportunity to learn virtually with the flexibility you need. The Clinical Audit Training comprises of the following two sessions, held on the same day:                              

  • An Introduction to Clinical Audit
  • Advanced Clinical Audit: Action Planning

Also note that by prior arrangement, the Clinical Audit Mobile Unit (CAMU) can deliver training at a venue of your choosing - requires a minimum of five (5) attendees.

Check out the Clinical Audit and NICE guidance flyer:  Clinical Audit Training

Additional information:

  • A certificate will be provided upon completion.
  • Copies of the audit presentation will be provided.

Learning outcomes from CA virtual training:

  • Learn and understand the benefits and importance of Clinical Audit
  • Learn about the different components of the Clinical audit cycle
  • Learn how to identify topics for clinical audit projects
  • Understand the definitions of criteria and standards
  • Learn about where you can find evidence for best practice
  • Understand how to analyse data
  • Learn about sampling methods
  • Understand the various barriers you may encounter when doing an audit project
  • Develop an insight into developing good action plans to help implement change.

Dates and how to register:

  • 17th January 
  • 14th February
  • 13th March 
  • 10th April 
  • 8th May 
  • 12th June 
  • 10th July 
  • 7th August 
  • 11th September 
  • 9th October
  • 13th November 
  • 11th December 

This session will take place virtually. Book your place now via STEPS or email us at if external to NELFT.


Quality Improvement training

We can provide bespoke training courses for both internal and external parties tailored to their requirements.

Please contact if you require further information.

Introduction to Quality Improvement (e-learning module)

Who is this module for?

This 30 minute module is for ALL staff irrespective of job role or banding, as improving services and patient and staff experiences is part of everybody’s role.


The module explains the Model for Improvement, which is the change model NELFT follows and how this simple process allows you to test your change ideas safely and in a small way, to see what impact they have before deciding to move to larger changes.

It also tells you how to gain support for any QI projects you are involved in and access to further training opportunities. You only need to complete this module once, but may refer to it more often if you like.

You can now access the e-learning module through STEPS.

Quality Improvement Foundation Day Training


Find out how you can make a positive difference in healthcare on this half-day Quality Improvement Foundation Training. Quality improvement is about giving the people closest to issues affecting care quality the time, permission, skills, and resources they need to solve them. It involves a systematic and coordinated approach to solving a problem using specific methods and tools with the aim of bringing about measurable improvement. (Health Foundation, 2021). On this training you will be introduced to how quality improvement helps you in:

  • Identifying and understanding the problem you wish to address
  • Working with others (e.g. your stakeholders)
  • Measurement and working with data
  • Testing and implementing change

The trainings will be interactive and will include both presentations from the Quality Improvement Team as well as group activities and discussion.

We also offer Bespoke Foundation Training which you/your team can request. Read how we helped Waltham Forest Podiatry Team with their service through this session here.

Who is this training for?

The NELFT Quality Improvement Foundation course is open to NELFT staff and external NHS colleagues.


The training lasts for 4 hours and runs monthly:

Virtual (MS Teams)

  • 28th February
  • 27th March
  • 24th April
  • 22nd May
  • 26th June
  • 24th July
  • 28th August
  • 23rd September 
  • 23rd October
  • 27th November
  • 18th December 

Book your space by logging into STEPS and searching QI Foundation Training.

How to register:

  • NELFT staff can register via STEPS
  • If external to NELFT, please register here.

Quality Improvement Bitesize Modules

The Quality Improvement Services has launched a series of video modules now available for all colleagues to view.

These videos are the perfect refresher for those wanting to use QI tools and methodologies to implement positive change and improve their service and working environment.

The videos include: (click on these videos to access the YouTube link) alternatively find the training on STEPS by searching QI in the search bar.

Understanding your systems

  • Learn about how the systems you work within will influence and help determine the direction of your quality improvement work in this video tutorial.

Setting the aim

  • Learn more about the vital step of setting your aim in your quality improvement project in this video tutorial.

Introduction to Stakeholder Engagement

  • Involving stakeholders is an extremely important element of any improvement work. Use this video tutorial to learn more about identifying who your stakeholders are and how to work with them.

Driver Diagrams

  • In this video tutorial you will learn all about driver diagrams, from how to create them to how they help you determine your measures and change ideas.


  • Understand the importance of accurate measurement in your quality improvement work, and how to use this to inform your improvement work in this video tutorial.

Understanding SPC Charts

  • Learn how to interpret and use Statistical Process Control (SPC) Charts and how they are involved in quality improvement projects in this video tutorial.

PDSA Cycle

  • The Plan Do Study Act cycle is key to quality improvement project, and this video tutorial will teach you all about them and how they are used for testing change ideas.

Scale Up and Spread

  • Use this video tutorial to learn about how to sustain positive change obtained from a quality improvement project, and how this can be spread across teams, the Trust, and the wider NHS.

Sharing your Improvement Work

  • Learn about how you can share your improvement work, both internally within the Trust, and externally through publications and blogs etc.

Quality Improvement Facilitator Training


Our facilitator training is spread over 9 months, offering 5 training half-days in which quality improvement methodology is taught, and then regular support between learning sessions from your own improvement advisor. During the training you will lead on your own quality improvement project and present the outcomes at a graduation day.

Training Objectives: 

  • To provide knowledge of Quality Improvement methodology and how best to use it 
  • To have an opportunity to learn whilst doing a real-world QI project 
  • To use systems thinking to help with defining the problem and appropriate stakeholder engagement to test potential solutions 
  • To understand how to measure and evaluate impact 
  • To share and learn with other improvers across NELFT 
  • To improve service and user of service outcomes, experience and healthcare staff wellbeing 

Who is this training for?

The NELFT Quality Improvement Facilitator Training is open to NELFT staff and external NHS colleagues who have completed our Quality Improvement Foundation Training (see above).

How to apply and dates?

Click here to find out more about the next cohort of Facilitator Training.

Other support we offer

  • Process mapping sessions 
  • Facilitating Away Days
  • Coaching QI Projects