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Sharing and learning from others quality improvement and clinical audit work is essential, both to celebrate success and help inspire and learn from one another. You can find various quality improvement and clinical audit projects that have occurred or are ongoing within NELFT. Scroll down to see more.

Example QI Project

Below is a video made by one of our Quality Improvement Team Members - Patrick Onyema, about a project he led in 2017. This is a fantastic video for anyone wanting to learn more about how and why we do quality improvement.

"This was a Quality Improvement project done as part of my NELFT Quality Improvement Facilitator Training Cohort 4 in 2017 whilst working with the NELFT Dementia Crisis Support Team as a Healthcare Assistant. This re-creation is to demonstrate that Quality Improvement is for everyone from Ward to Board using the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Model for Improvement (MFI) to accelerate improvement and the Sheffield model 5Ps together with a clinical audit tool called service evaluation and Audit. The charts drawn manually as part of this video can be automatically generated using the LifeQI platform and was drawn in the video to keep in line with the theme of the video." - Patrick Onyema

QI Projects

Adult Mental Health

Project posters

  1. Improving Access to High Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  2. To improve access to EMDR therapy for PTSD clients at Redbridge IAPT
  3. Medication Counselling QI Project
  4. Use of non-pharmacological interventions for delirium in intensive care
  5. Improving Access to High Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  6. Improving Triage Process in IDH
  7. To reduce the time to follow up for patients presenting to Whipps Cross A/E in crisis who do not meet criteria for secondary mental health services

Project presentations

  1. Reducing Restrictive Practice Monet Ward, Acute Rehabilitation Directorate - Caroline Okworu (Ward Manager)

Children Mental Health

Project posters

  1. The 5 Elements of Care Planning at Barking and Dagenham

Adult Physical Health

Project posters

  1. Implement An 8 Session Mindfulness For Pain Group For Amputees With Persistent Pain
  2. Improving the efficiency of the voice banking process with people with Motor Neuron Disease
  3. Reducing inappropriate referrals for end of life swallowing assessments from nursing homes
  4. Reduction of 0-2 hrs Breaches in the Community Team for Unplanned Care
  5. Reduce the inappropriate referrals to Community Treatment Team (CTT) from Redbridge Social Services.
  6. Reduce the number of days from amputation to referral received at the prosthetic service by 10%, for patients under Balsdon Vascular lar team by 1st December 2022

Project presentations

  1. One Voice: Bringing the Hospital Home Post-Laryngectomy - Adult Speech and Language Therapy Team (Rhiannon Haag and Michelle Coleman)
  2. Reducing Documentation in Community Nursing - Angela Witham (Transformational Lead)
  3. Reducing the number of days from amputation to referral received at the prosthetic service by 10%, for patients under Basildon Vascular team by 1st December 2022 - Lauren Mentessi (Prosthetic Clinical Nurse Specialist)
  4. Improving an individual’s ability to live with persistent pain, which can occur as a result of an acquired upper or lower limb amputation - Lindsey Barker (Occupational Therapist)

Children Physical Health

Project posters

  1. Increasing Parental Satisfaction with the Early Years Social Communication Parent Workshop
  2. NELFT-Barking and Dagenham-School Health North Locality. Design and implementation of school health care plans
  3. To Reduce Podiatry Biomechanics/Paediatrics New Patient Assessment and Treatment Times by 30% by April 2023.
  4. BD 0-19 Universal Children service duty call centre.

Project presentations

Corporate Services

Project posters

  1. Reducing overdue serious incident actions across all directorates in NELFT by 85% by 31/07/2023.
  2. Quality Improvement Clinic Process
  3. Improving the reach of the Quality Improvement Services Twitter profile
  4. New Ways of Working – Trust-wide Mandatory Project for B&D directorate only
  5. To Improve the Overall Quality of Medication Reviews that Form Part of the Annual Health Check (AHC) for Patients with Learning Disabilities (LD)

Project presentations

  1. To improve the overall quality of medication reviews that form part of the annual health check for patients with learning disabilities - Rizwana Dudhia (Lead Pharmacist for Learning Disabilities and Autism)

CA Projects

Approved NELFT Annual Clinical Audit Programmes

  1.  2019-2020

  2. Clinical Audit Programme-CAP 2020 -2023.pdf [pdf] 367KB

Clinical Audit Quality Account Submissions

Clinical Audit Shared Learning

Completed Clinical Audits - Posters and presentations


  1. CAMHS poster

  2. Themed completed audits from the Trust’s National Priority Clinical Audit Programme Priorities 1 & 2

  3. Themed completed audits from the Trust’s Local Priority Clinical Audit Programme

  4. NELFT Annual Healthcare Records Audit - Steve Rankin (Head of Data Quality / Medical Records)
  5. Prescribing in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services: A snapshot review across two inpatient units - Dr Beryl Navti (Pharmacist)
  6. An audit exploring ethnic inequalities in accessing perinatal mental health services in NELFT - Dr Adetutu Kunuji (CT3 Core Trainee)
  7. Visibility of patient’s voice on the care plan Integrated Case Management  CHS in B&D - Angela Adophy (Advanced Clinical Practitioner)
  8. How can we improve the quality of health assessments of children and young people who are in the social care system? - Dr Naila Nazi (Consultant Paediatrician)
  9. Stopping Overuse of Medication in People with Learning Disability: Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Services - Dr Annie Swanepoel (Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist)

NELFT participation in National Audits


Table of completed local audits

Prescribing Observatory for Mental Health - UK (POMH-UK)

NELFT POMH Audit Presentations

NELFT POMH-UK Final Reports

  1. POMH-UK Topic 16a report

  2. POMH-UK Topic 7e report

  3. POMH-UK QIP Topic15a report

  4. POMH-UK Topic 1g and 3d report

  5. pomh 18b use of clozapine audit

  6. pomh 19b Prescribing for depression poster

QI Collaboratives

Royal College of Psychiatrists: Demand, Capacity and Flow QI Collaborative

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Patient Leadership and Co-Design

Co-design and co-production in Adult Speech and Language Therapy

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