Clinical audits within NELFT

NELFT strive for continuous improvement and uses clinical audit as a tool to work towards this. Below you can find out more about both clinical audits internal to NELFT, and NELFT's participation in wider clinical audits.

Approved NELFT Annual Clinical Audit Programmes

  1.  2019-2020

  2. Clinical Audit Programme-CAP 2020 -2023.pdf [pdf] 367KB

Clinical Audit Quality Account Submissions

Clinical Audit Shared Learning

Completed Clinical Audits - Posters and presentations


  1. CAMHS poster

  2. Themed completed audits from the Trust’s National Priority Clinical Audit Programme Priorities 1 & 2

  3. Themed completed audits from the Trust’s Local Priority Clinical Audit Programme

  4. NELFT Annual Healthcare Records Audit - Steve Rankin (Head of Data Quality / Medical Records)
  5. Prescribing in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services: A snapshot review across two inpatient units - Dr Beryl Navti (Pharmacist)
  6. An audit exploring ethnic inequalities in accessing perinatal mental health services in NELFT - Dr Adetutu Kunuji (CT3 Core Trainee)
  7. Visibility of patient’s voice on the care plan Integrated Case Management  CHS in B&D - Angela Adophy (Advanced Clinical Practitioner)
  8. How can we improve the quality of health assessments of children and young people who are in the social care system? - Dr Naila Nazi (Consultant Paediatrician)
  9. Stopping Overuse of Medication in People with Learning Disability: Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Services - Dr Annie Swanepoel (Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist)

NELFT participation in National Audits


Table of completed local audits

Prescribing Observatory for Mental Health - UK (POMH-UK)

NELFT POMH Audit Presentations

NELFT POMH-UK Final Reports

  1. POMH-UK Topic 16a report

  2. POMH-UK Topic 7e report

  3. POMH-UK QIP Topic15a report

  4. POMH-UK Topic 1g and 3d report

  5. pomh 18b use of clozapine audit

  6. pomh 19b Prescribing for depression poster