R&D Reporting Platforms

Each year the Trust R&D Department are required to formally report on how the funding received has been utilised.  This ensures transparency of our expenditures as well as assurance that the money is being spent in line with the guidance provided to us by the various funding sources.   

The various reporting platforms are as follows;

  • North Thames LCRN - Quarterly reports are completed and submitted to the Network
  • Research Capability Funding – An annual report is completed and submitted to the DH.
  • Research Grants – Annual reports are completed and submitted for each research grant being held at the Trust to the NIHR (ASTOX).
  • Other Collaborators – Reports are completed as required by the various collaborators.  


There is a diverse range of high-quality clinical research here at NELFT, much of which is on the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) portfolio. All NHS trusts that hold NIHR contracts are required to provide information on performance in initiating and delivering research. Please see link below for the current report.

Performance in Initiating and Delivering Research

Q4 PID initiating report 2020-2021.xls [xls] 805KB

There were no closed commercial clinical trials in the last 12 months.

Please click here for the latest report submitted to the CTP Submission