Community medical paediatrics service

The Community Medical Paediatric Service in Barking and Dagenham is available to children and young people where there are concerns about a child’s health, development or educational progress.

The following categories are general and describe the children and young people who can be referred for specialist assessment and treatment:

  • impaired communication (including where Autistic Spectrum Disorder is suspected)
  • impaired motor function (e.g. Cerebral Palsy)
  • sensory impairment
  • impaired feeding associated with developmental delay
  • impaired sleep associated with developmental delay
  • impaired continence associated with developmental delay
  • developmental impairments or at significant risk of development (e.g. high-risk neonates)
  • learning difficulties restricting access to learning activities or participation in school
  • prolonged absence from school on health grounds (>6 weeks)
  • epilepsy/possible seizures

Statutory work

This includes medical advice for Educational Health Care Plans (EHCP), health assessment of children in care and child protection.

Patient information

Contact our service in Barking and Dagenham

Targeted Children's Services

Community Paediatric Team
Child And Family Centre
Axe Street
IG11 7LZ

Tel: 0300 300 1751
Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

Other locations

Outreach clinics are held in local health centres, contact the team for details.


Referrals will be accepted from professionals in health care, education and social services, the police and the voluntary sector. Please refer to the 'For clinicians' page for more information.