For clinicians

 For clinicians

 Modern Matron:  Bernard Chisanga 

Tel : 03005551084


Ward manager:  Sam Blake
Tel: 0300 555 1084

(Please ensure patient identifiable information is password protected)  


Referrals are made via Integrated Crisis Assessment Hub (ICAH

Tel. 0300 300 1882

Criteria: People between 18 and 64 years old who are experiencing long term mental health problems whose presentation is complex and challenging and mostly treatment resistant and people having a secondary diagnosis of substance misuse requiring a period of inpatient treatment. Patients learn about the principles of recovery and wellbeing so that they are more able to function, to the best of their abilities, in a community setting.


  • primary diagnosis of drug or alcohol abuse.
  • primary diagnosis of neurological disorder or brain injury.
  • main need is for social respite care.
  • suffering from an acute infectious disease.

Test results required at referral: Needs to be medically stable.