Community paediatrics

Community paediatricians work in the community and see children with neurodevelopmental conditions.

The doctors provide:

  • neuro disability clinics
  • social and communication assessment clinics
  • assessment and management of complex needs
  • neurodevelopmental assessment of preterm babies
  • urgent medical assessments for children who may have been abused and initial health assessments of children taken into the care of the local authority
  • advice on health concerns relating to safeguarding, adoption and fostering.
  • behaviour concerns in 5 -11 year olds where neurodevelopment conditions such as Social Communication difficulties / Autistic Spectrum Disorder is strongly suspected.

Patient information

CSPA – Children’s Single Point of Access takes referrals for Community Paediatric Service, Paediatric Speech and Language, Paediatric Occupational Therapy and Paediatric Physiotherapy.

Tel: 0300 300 1555

We have three Child Development Centres:

Brentwood Community Hospital
Crescent Drive
CM15 8DR

Great Oaks Clinic
Great Oaks
SS14 1EH

Gifford House
Thurrock Community Hospital
Long Lane
RM16 2PX