Redbridge reablement service

Who are we?

The reablement service is provided by specially trained staff called reablement support workers, who will come to your home.

What is reablement?

Sometimes, due to an accident, illness or deterioration in your health that has caused a loss of confidence, you may find you struggle with daily activities or feel unable to cope in your home.

The reablement service is designed to help you regain the ability and confidence to do some or all the things you used to. Reablement will help you get back to the point where you can look after yourself better and remain safe and independent in your own home for longer.

For example, it might mean we work with you to:

  • practice daily activities like cooking and
  • bathing to help you regain skills
  • look at what else you might need help with (e.g. support to go out, personal alarms, home adaptations or other equipment, such as bath rails)
  • involve your relatives and/or carers in helping you to live more independently and discuss any support they might need

Who is the service for?

This service is available to you if you are over the age of 18, living in Redbridge and your health care professional feels you might benefit from reablement. Please think about what else you might need help with (e.g. support to go out, personal development.)

How long does reablement take?

Reablement takes the form of a short, intensive period of support and can last between one day and six weeks.

How does it work?

You will be referred to the reablement service by a health professional who will have told the service about some of your needs and goals. A member of the team referred to as a support worker will then visit your home to start supporting you with your goals.

Within 24 hours a reablement co-ordinator will visit you at home to undertake a full assessment of your needs and agree your care/support plan with you. This should help you get a better picture of what kind of support you may need how we might be able to help you.

Your care/support plan

If it is agreed after the assessment that you would benefit from reablement, staff will talk with you and help put together a care/support plan. This plan will help you to increase your ability to live independently in your own home – and make sure you feel safe and confident there.

As part of the care/support plan, we will agree on a set of realistic goals, looking at what you would like to achieve, and by when. We will review your care/support plan with you during the course of reablement to find out how you are doing. Please let us know if you are struggling with any aspects of your plan so we can make any necessary changes.

How will I know who is calling?

Our staff member will always carry a NELFT photo ID badge with them at all times. Our reablement support worker will be wearing a navy uniform with the NELFT logo on it. You can always ask to check the staff member’s ID and call the main office if you are concerned on 0300 300 1954.

What if my reablement support worker doesn’t arrive when expected?

If the reablement support worker does not arrive when expected, please call the office on 0300 300 1954.

What happens after reablement?

If reablement has worked well for you and you have managed to reach the goals set at the start, you may find that you can manage very well on your own and do not need any further support.

If you require further support at the end of the reablement period of six weeks, you will be referred to a member of the Integrated Health and Adult Social Care team for an assessment. This process will include a financial assessment, which will determine if you are required to contribute towards the cost of any care after your six week Reablement period.


NELFT aims to provide the highest possible level of care. If you have a concern, we want to hear about your experience so that we can resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

In the first instance, please contact the administration office on 0300 300 1954 so we can try to resolve any concern you may have.

The Redbridge reablement service (RRS) is also registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and as a result if you have concerns you can also raise this with the CQC

How to contact us

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