Community haemoglobinopathy- Waltham Forest adult community health service

The haemoglobinopathy service, now part of the Waltham Forest adult community health service, provides comprehensive clinical nurse specialist care for patients with sickle cell and thalassemia conditions.

This service provides:

  • sickle cell and thalassemia counselling and screening to the general public for haemoglobin types
  • antenatal and paternal (baby biological father) counselling and screening for carriers of a haemoglobin types
  • counselling and referrals for prenatal diagnosis for at risk pregnancies
  • diagnosis and follow-up care for affected babies, children and adults
  • education and training (upon request)
  • management of  the community care and follow up of teenagers and adults
  • advocacy and clinical support and follow up of investigations and treatments

Patient information

Contact our service in Waltham Forest

Wood Street Health Centre
6 Linford Road
E17 3LA

Tel:  0300 300 1710
Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9am- 5pm (excluding bank holidays)


Self-referrals by patients or clients will be accepted. Please refer to the For clinicians page for more information.