Simulation Training

NELFT Medical Education Simulation Programmes

NELFT leads the way in developing evidence based multi professional simulation based training programme in mental health. The Educational process underlying simulation includes deliberate practice, reflection and feedback and the key components of simulation based training are briefing around scenario, scenario with video recording and de-briefing. NELFT currently offers a range of simulation based training programme ranging from personal skills development programmes to in-situ team based learning programmes.

The programmes offer an opportunity to develop skills in designing alternative training methods, writing training proposals, facilitating and finally evaluating the programmes.

A portfolio of our SIMS includes:

  • Mock CASC
  • Psych simulation
  • Challenging conversations
  • Tribunal skills
  • Managing the deteriorating child
  • Leadership simulation
  • Consultant Interview Skills
  • Facilitator simulation training
  • Supporting trainees in difficulty
  • SIM and return to training simulation