Volunteer with us

We simply could not do all that we do without our inspiring, passionate and caring team of volunteers. 

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Volunteering opportunities

At NELFT we value each and every volunteer for their hard work and commitment! It is this additional workforce that plays such an enormous part in improving the experience of our patients whilst creating a better working environment for our colleagues.

Volunteers can help in a variety of roles from meeting and greeting visitors to coordinating activities for our patients, befriending, gardening, admin support and everything in between. Whether you are looking to gain skills and experience through volunteering that will support your career aspirations or you simply wish to fill your spare time by doing something meaningful to help others, if you have great people skills and a sense of commitment we would welcome you to apply.

See what our current volunteers have to say about their experience:

“I volunteer because I feel it takes me out of my daily self-centred life.  I also feel truly blessed that I have been given so much in life and believe it's important to give back! Volunteering continuously teaches me something new about people, about compassion.  Especially helping others, it reminds me that we are all in this together and we need to remember to support each other! I have enjoyed my time volunteering at NELFT so much.   I have met amazing people, who have made me feel so welcome and I have learnt new skills too!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity" Joanna

"My experience of volunteer has been so rewarding and I felt so grateful to be able to help others. I had a lovely (2 meter away) chat with the client I was delivering shopping to which showed me the joy volunteering brings but also brings to myself. I felt so much joy and warmth, and was such a rewarding experience. To know I helped others helped me too. 

Receiving the feedback brings me so much joy. Can’t wait to volunteer again soon!" Loren