Waltham Forest Long COVID Community Triage Team

The Waltham Forest team currently consists of a:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • GP
  • Rehab assistant
  • Administrator

We also meet regularly as a team with a consultant and a CBT therapist from Talking Therapies/ IAPT.

What happens after we receive your referral?

You will be contacted by one of our team and offered a telephone triage assessment appointment. This appointment will last between 45 – 60 minutes and will discuss your symptoms and how these are impacting your daily life.

If needed, we also offer face to face appointments.

We have a waiting list for assessments and so it may take a little while for you to hear from us.

After the telephone appointment

Following the telephone appointment, we agree a plan with you and the team which may include:

  • Asking your GP to investigate/ review any medical symptoms. Our service is therapy led and so is not able to diagnose or investigate medical conditions or symptoms. We will therefore refer you back to your GP if further investigations are needed.
  • Referral onto the Post Covid group for fatigue and breathlessness management and support
  • Referral to IAPT/ Talking Therapies for support
  • A referral onto a community team (ICT – Integrated Community Team)
  • Information on how to register with other organisations that offer support

There may be a wait for some services and to access the group.

Following this we will write a discharge letter to you and your GP which will have a summary of the assessment and include any recommendations and referrals that have been made.

What can help in the meantime?

While you are waiting for your appointment, we recommend accessing the NHS your covid recovery website:


Useful information on how to manage post-viral fatigue after COVID-19 can be found here:


Information on breathlessness can be found here:



Also on the Post Covid Hub run by Asthma and Lung UK:


IAPT/ Talking Therapies

If you would like support with your mood, stress or anxiety then please contact Waltham Forest IAPT Talking Therapies.

Tel: 0300 300 1554 (Option 4)


What happens if my symptoms change whilst I am waiting for the appointment?

If your symptoms become worse or you are worried, please contact your GP or 111.

How to refer and contact details

Please ask your GP to complete the Long COVID Community Triage Hub Referral Form, including details of recent blood tests, chest x-ray and any other investigations and send it to us via email.

Email: WFPostCovidRehabService@nelft.nhs.uk

Tel: 0300 300 1710