Understanding sensory processing

This section can be used to support your understanding of sensory processing and the impact it may have on participation in everyday activities.

These videos are helpful for parents, carers, young people, health professionals, schools or anybody working with young people with sensory processing differences.  

It will be helpful watch the five videos explaining Our Senses, Processing Sensory Information, What you may see in every day tasks, How you can help and Thinking beyond sensory. Once you have watched the videos you can use the help sheets and activity detective form to support you to implement strategies to support the young person in everyday life.

You can keep a record of these on the ‘Strategies record form’ to monitor and change that happens. You will need to submit a completed ‘Strategies Record Form’ with the CSPA referral form for further support with sensory processing differences. You can find both of these forms on this page.

Our senses

Processing sensory information

What you may see in every day tasks

How you can help

Thinking beyond sensory