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Occupational Therapists (OT) focus on the activities a child wants and needs to be able to do in their day to day life, such as play, dressing, toileting, using cutlery, handwriting etc. We provide assessment, advice and, where appropriate, therapy to support the development of independence using fun, positive activities and strategies.

OTs work with children experiencing a variety of difficulties that affect their ability to participate in daily activities at home and/or school.  These could be due to physical, developmental, sensory or neurological impairment, or as a result of illness or trauma.  These difficulties would be greater than expected given the child’s age and stage of development.  

The OT works in partnership with the child’s family and wider circle of support to enable the child to reach their full potential and maximise their independence in these activities.

Information for parents, carers and young people

Developmental Stages - How an Occupational Therapist can help

Developmental Stages-
How an Occupational
Therapist can help

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Advice, leaflets and videos

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Our referral process

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